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Keyword Research Tool

In 2015, with Google getting sharper with its ranking algorithm, Keyword Research Tools are gaining much greater importance than ever.

With factors such as, Domain Authority and Page Authority, it’s important to find out keywords, which are easy to rank for. And that could only happen, if the top 10 results are from less authoritative sites.

Though it is a very tedious process, but with tools available now-a-days, we can perform these tedious tasks after some careful analysis. But you have to strictly adhere to Google’s Keyword Density requirements.

Google is constantly getting smarter in finding the best content for a given keyword, so it’s even more important to change our research method.

These tools can be classified into some categories for our understanding:

Keyword Research Tool

Social Indicator Tool

Trend Analysis Tool

Seo Website Analysis Tool

Internal Analysis

  • Internal Log
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console

All these Keyword Generation tools helps us to assess search volume, ranking difficulty and most popular keywords.

You can also read this Article from Brian Dean on Keyword Research Tools

I have listed few tools which are really useful in determining the keyword difficulty:

1. SEMrush

I personally like SEMrush. It’s different from all the other tools in a way that in addition to keywords, it also allows you to search keywords for your competitors data and keywords also.

It helps you to look out into your competitors most profitable and popular keywords including their Search Volume.

It provides you with a lot of features. You can assess traffic of your competitors, their competitors and many more.

You can also get out of the box ideas for your keywords.

It work like this:

Enter your competitor’s website nameSemrush keyword research

And you will get all the details of your competitor including estimated traffic, competitors, backlink structure and of course keywords.

Following image shows its estimated traffic over time.

Semrush keyword research

Likewise, the next image shows its competitors and keywords.

Semrush keyword research

You can search traffic for more than 28 Countries and can make detailed study.

In the first page, you can get an overview of all the reports with 5 entries in all. You can also see the full reports by clicking full report button of respective section.

You can filter the keywords in a way suitable to you and it provides you with lots of options with an ability to export list into CSV, excel and other formats.

In addition to this you can also do the keyword research by entering your search phrase.

Enter your search phrase here

Semrush keyword research

You will get a trend over the year for your selected keyword.

Semrush keyword research

 You will get phrase match report in full with all the required metrics such as CPC, volume, competitions etc

Semrush keyword research

In addition to above with this keyword generation tool, you also get Related keyword report and here you can certainly get some golden keywords for your campaign

Semrush keyword research

Like Vegetarian slow cooker recipes will be an easy keyword to target for.

Conclusion: SEMrush is definitely a tool which all the marketers must need to have into their sleeves to make decisions for their keywords. Using SEMrush, i ranked on first page for this article How To Add Addon Domain Siteground Hosting for my search term.

SEMrush has more than 718,942 Users

Some Expert SEMrush Users

SEMrush has long been one of my favorite SEO tools.


Founder at Seobook.com

I enjoy using SEMrush. I have used your services on many occasions to help me research competitors of my prospects.


Business Development Manager at Clickz.com

Tools like SEMrush represent a treasure trove of information to help search marketers make better decisions about online marketing.


Chairman at Internet Marketing Ninjas

2. Wordstream

Though Wordstream is a good keyword research tool, but it is on the costlier side. In trial version, they offer only 30 keyword research.

Wordstream keyword research tool

Most of the metrics in free version is blacked out and you have to spend some money to retrieve these metrics.

Their minimum plan is for $279/month when paid for 6 months in advance. You can also add Social Advertising and Premier Consulting packages by paying extra charges.


  • You can customize the reports as per your choice
  • You can mail the list in CSV and then download it.
  • You can perform in-depth analysis


  • All the metrics are blacked out when it’s free and only metric available is relative frequency

Word Stream has more than 50,000 Users

3. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is very popular keyword generation tool. Wordtracker has a very clean interface. It offers a 7 day trial version. In free package, it only provides 10 top search volume keywords. And after continuing to research it will provide Key Efficiency Index (KEI). And after again continuing it will provide further analytics.

Wordstream keyword research tool

Its plan and pricing are very competitive and limited to few most popular keywords and tends to charge on monthly basis, which makes it costly affair.

Wordstream keyword research tool

As per Danny Sullivan (Search Engine Land)

“If you are serious about SEO, then Wordtracker is an essential investment, a must have resource for any search-engine marketing professional.”


  • It provides relation between Search volume and Key Efficiency Index (KEI).
  • It has very neat look
  • Provides in-depth analytical data


  • Limited to only 10 words in trial

4. Übersuggest

Ubersuggest is definitely the most different of the lot. It gives you alternative to your keyword as suffix or prefix.

It’s a magnificent tool to come out with some brilliant keywords, which we couldn’t have imagined without Ubersuggest.

It will present a large list of keywords, which are definitely unique in a sense.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Perhaps, every bloggers must have used Google Keyword Planner (GKP) at some point in our life. It’s the most useful tool of all time. And most of the other keyword research tools are deriving their data from GKP.

It’s the most easy to use keyword analysis and generation tool where you can effectively find your Gold Nuggets. You need to analyze it carefully.

All you need is to put your Seed Keyword in the box and set some Filters as per your liking and there you are presented with awesome data.

You can customize your search query, like broad, exact etc.

You can also set your negative and positive Keywords. And also choose your country where you want to analyze for.

You can also use this tool for keyword analysis of your competitor by just putting its domain name in the query. You can find some special keyword ideas through this.

6. Google Trends

Google trend is another type of tool, where you can get some trending popular keywords, which is in news at present point of time.

6. Google Trends Google trend is another type of tool, where you can get some trending keywords which is in news at present point of time.

It also gives us the trend of search for the given search term over time. We can assess the volume of search in near future.

7. Keyword Snatcher

As described by them they can found more keywords than those from Google Keyword Planner.

Yes, it can. It has the ability find lots of keyword related to a search query.

The con of this service is that it can only find the keywords but can’t give you other details such as, Search Volume, CPC etc.

But this can’t be paralyzing issue for that. You can easily export list as CSV and import it into Google Keyword Planner to find out all the details you would like to have.

8. SECockpit

Like any other Keyword generation tool, SECockpit is one of the best tools for keyword research, especially if you are an expert.

It is packed with lots of outstanding features designed for expert Professionals. It provides very in-depth analysis of keywords and its difficulty level to rank for.

Like many other keyword tools, it too required you enter a seed keyword.


After analyzing the keyword it will provide keyword suggestion pulled from Google Keyword Planner. Some related terms are similar to those provided by Google Keyword Planner.

The Niche section in the report with Green bar is the metric which takes into consideration three parameters such as top 10 competitions, monthly search volume, and commercial intent.

Bigger the bar means more the better keyword is. You can take the keywords with bigger green bars.


Similar to those are red bars labeled “Rank 1-10” are the difficulty level to rank for these keywords.


9. Moz Analytics’ Keyword Analysis Tool

This tool is a very straight forward keyword analysis tool. It’s not as flamboyant as its counterparts, but it gives a detailed study of a selected keyword.

Moz Keyword Research tool

It doesn’t provide you the keyword ideas but it’s good for checking the ranking difficulty of a particular keyword.

Moz keyword tool helps you understand Domain authority and Page Authority of top 10 domains for selected keywords.

But you need to at least signup for a 30 day free trial with them by providing your Credit Card Information, which you can cancel anytime.

10. Long Tail Pro

As the name suggest it helps in finding out the long keywords with 3 or more keywords, which can be ranked for easily.

Long Tail Pro is also a very good tool for Long Tail keyword research. It uses a metrics where analysis is done with respect to Domain authority and Page Authority of top website along with its age.

In this tool you have to enter the seed keywords and it will automatically find the related keywords with search phrase.

long tail pro

It will then populate a big list of potential keywords with Search Volume, DA, PA, CPC and other metrices.


It also provides an in-depth analysis of keywords and its ranking difficulty

Various Long Tail keywords can be discovered using Long Tail Pro.

70,000+ Marketers & SEOs Users

I’m a fan of Long Tail Pro! It’s a powerful keyword research tool that I’ve used and am very impressed. I definitely recommend Long Tail pro. It’s a must-have tool for any SEO or Internet Marketer

Pat Flynn

Founder Smart Passive Income

11. Market Samurai

This is another great keyword generation and analyzing tool with lots of options and features.

Like Long Tail Pro, it also helps in finding out Long Tail Keywords which is easy to rank for.

I personally use Market Samurai and pretty satisfied by it

Market Samurai offers lots of features including:

  • Rank Tracker
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Competition
  • Domains
  • Monetization
  • Find Content
  • Publish Content

To Start with you have to enter a seed keyword

market samurai

It provides a competition module which is very helpful in tracking the right keyword for our campaign. It demonstrates a picture with colors in it and that tells us about ranking difficulty.

Market Samurai

Red area is the difficulty level of ranking. Larger the red area means greater will be the competition.

To assess competition you can look on title, url, desc, Head, DA, PR etc.

This will give you a fair idea of competition.

12. Keywordtool.io

This is a comprehensive tool where you can get more keyword suggestion with prefixes and suffixes similar to Keyword Snatcher and Ubersuggest.

You will have to enter your seed word.


It will give you a list of keywords.


In the Free version,  all the other metrics are blacked out or faded.

And you will have to subscribe to the Pro Version.


It has following benefits:

  • You can get up to 1,440+ Google and YouTube keywords , 1,875+ from Bing, 3,750+ from App Store returned for a single search.
    In Pro version you can get up-to twice more than in free version.
  • Google search volume
  • Level of competition on Google AdWords
  • Suggested bid on Google AdWords
  • Ability to export all the data to a CSV file
  • Ability to sort keywords by any parameter

13. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is definitely a different breed of tool. It provides the most popular Article on Social Media for the given keyword.


Its best way to find the content that is popular and shared across the world on social media. This way you can definitely come up with great keyword ideas and more.


BuzzSumo Users:

love the ease of use and the immediate value, I get from using the product. I can search for terms/phrases and quickly identify content that’s performing well in a niche or with an audience. Likewise, I love how visually simple and compelling BuzzSumo’s data displays

Rand Fishkin
Founder, Moz.com

Buzzsumo is also a great place to see which topics related to your business get the most attention. Do more of what works.

Noah Kagan
Founder, AppSumo

14. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can certainly get a taste of your niche keywords. It can tell you the keywords for which you are doing well and also point out the keywords you need to improve.

Under Search Engine Optimization in acquisition you will find search queries.

google analutics

This will show you the keywords which are bringing traffic and the keywords you need to give attention to.

This is one of my favorite tools. I can spy on my own keywords through Google Analytics.

You can also use Google Search Console for this. But Analytics is much more comprehensive data analysis tool.

15. HitTail

This is a tool which needs to be connected to your Google Search Console. It will pull data and provide you to work with some keywords which you might not be using very much.

16. Inboundwriter

This provides an idea about title of the article. It will suggest the ranking difficulty for the title of a post. It also provides some alternative keywords for my title.

17. Keyword Eye

This keyword will search for some commonly searched keywords with your keyword in. It’s a great tool to discover some new Keyword.

18. KNIME 

This tool helps to do all types of keyword analysis. And you can do the in-depth analysis.

19. KW Finder

This helps to create a group of my different websites list. Which, I can use later in my campaign. Though this is a newer tool but has some advantages.

It also stores a list of my 20 + searched keyword, which comes in very handy sometime.

20. MarketMuse

It crawl your website or your competitors website and find some keywords. It has a pretty well designed algorithm.

21. Ninja Outreach

This tool also provides top articles for a given keyword on Google search. It works pretty well.

22. Seed Keywords

This certainly has a human element into it. It helps us conduct a small survey on customers and provides a human generated keywords.

23. Soovle

It’s a little unconventional, but a fantastic tool that pulls keywords from various search engines.

24. SpyFu

This is a tool where you just need to find out your competitors who are using Adwords. You can review them and keywords they are targeting using Adwords. Those keywords are very important because you know for sure which keyword your competitor think is useful. It will also find out the ads they are using.

You can also find the keywords which are pulled by a given URL.

25. Yandex Wordstat

Yandex is Russian search engine but it does not mean that you can use it only for Russian keywords. In Russia many people use this search engine for US searches too. And Wordstat can show me what keywords they were using to find my niche. This tool is very similar to Google Keyword Planner.

Now there are some more tool which are not less important. I managed to list them for you.

26. BrightEdge’s Data Cube

27. iSpionage

28. Keyword Discovery

29. Ubersuggest w/ Grepwords Chrome Add-on

30. Keyword Toolio

31. Keyword.io

32. Linkdex

33. SEO Book

34. Serpstat

35. SerpWoo

36. SimilarWeb

37. Term Explorer


Every tool has its unique quality. each of them serves a purpose or  important money wise, but each one of them is useful.
But, if i have to give it an order, i would prefer it to be like below:
 1SEMrush  … [Get SEMrush here]
2Longtail PRO   … [Get Long Tail Pro here]
3Market Samurai … [Get Market Samurai here]
4Google Keyword Planner
6Google Analytics
8Keyword Tool.io
10Google Trends

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