5 Steps To Start Your Own Blog in 10 Minutes

If you are an INTERNET savvy then you must have desire to start your own blog, be it for a passive income source or personal blogging.

In earlier days, without the help of an expert, you could never start your website. But thanks to the modern development and advancement of our Internet Infrastructures, setting up a blog is not a daunting task anymore. Within just a few minutes, a brand new blog gets started.

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To start a brand new blog you just need to follow these simple steps and voila! Your website is up and running and generating you a healthy passive Income in the meantime:

1.  Purchase your domain name

To start a blog right away, you first need to buy a domain name and register it in your name. There are lots of services and websites which provide domain registration services at a very reasonable price. Godaddy.com, namecheap.com and several other companies do provide this service. You can opt for any domain registrar of your choice. Currently you can register website for less than $10/year. It’s always better to go for more than 3 years to start with as this is used as a ranking signal by Google. It conveys that you are in for a long run.

2. Choose Hosting Service

To host your website you will require hosting service of some Hosting Service provider. This is the physical server where all backend of your website will be put in. All the files and folders needed to run the website will be put into this hosting server.

There are so many Web Hosting Service providers. Of which popular are Siteground, Inmotionhosting, Host Gator, Bluehost and many more. All have their very attractive pricing and you can start with a very basic hosting package starting with $3 per month and choose it as you grow.

3. Installing Content Management System (CMS)

To start your own blog one thing you must do is to install CMS i.e Content Management Service on your domain. Now when you have purchased your domain name and chosen your hosting service provider, you now need to install CMS on your webserver. You can choose between WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. You can choose anyone which suits you.

But WordPress is very popular CMS now-a-days. It’s very easy t use and several website use WordPress. Its interface is quite easy with so many options

4. Installing Theme

WordPress comes pre-loaded with some default themes, which are very good but you can also choose some outstanding free themes also from wordpress library. You can also purchase Premium Themes from Genesis, Mythemeshop, Elegant Themes and many more also. These themes are very easy to use with excellent customization options.

5. Install Plugins

Now you need to install some basic plugins like Seo Plugins. All In One Seo and Yoast Seo are very popular ones. You will also need one caching plugin like W3total Cache or Supercache to speed up your website caching.

Voila! Your site is now up and running.

I have narrated some basic steps here which I will discuss in more length in my future articles.

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