Hi Fellow Bloggers

Welcome to BlogNexx!

I am Kamlesh Drolia. By profession, i am a Music Producer and I own a successful running Recording Studio in Kolkata, India.

I started out as Commerce Graduate Student and completed my NIIT course. I was just a computer freak with an huge appetite for learning computers, softwares, blogging and so on.

I am also very much dedicated towards Music from the beginning. I used to play Guitar, Singing and producing my ow songs. Meanwhile i started my Studio and now completed 10 Successful Years in recording.

Kamlesh DroliaI started blogging as an hobby way back in 2010. I started with my HTML version of website as at that time i was ignorant about CMS’s. That was blessing in disguise for me. In the process, i learnt website development from the beginning by working in Studio in the day and in night i used to build my website. This process helped me know about basics of Web Development and some coding also.

After few years, i came to know about WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, and that made me take blogging more seriously. I shifted my website to WordPress and it was tedious task. I lost my rankings, posts and many more things. Slowly but surely i am now climbing the ladder. I have now few sites and those are working well. I am also making a descent money in blogging and Youtube Videos. Now i am on the verge of making blogging a Full-time Job for me. I enjoy working on it.

I started blognexx with an aim to help bloggers like me who are not from the technical field but want to make their mark in the blogging world. I will share whatever i experienced in the journey i have made so far.

There may be times, where mistakes would happen in my articles, but will try to rectify my mistakes with experience.