How To Add Addon Domain To Hostgator or Siteground Hosting

addon domain hostgator

Most of the peoples, be it first-time bloggers or new users, don’t know the fact that they can add multiple Addon Domains into their single Domain Siteground or Hostgator hosting Package.

Every hosting company, allows you to add Addon Domains into your package. Be it Hostgator, Siteground, Bluehost or else. You can add multiple domains into your package and park your domain over there by going to ADDON feature in your Cpanel. Similarly you can install CMS of your choice into your domains.

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Here, I am using Siteground Hosting, to illustrate you how to add a domain into your account. You will have to follow these steps in order to add domains into your hosting account.

  • Add details of your new domain into the new Addon domain account.
  • Change Nameserver of domain you purchased and point it to the new server.

1. How to add a new Addon Domain

In order to add domains into your package, you need to go to your cpanel and click on Addon Domains icon as shown below, under the Domains Section in Cpanel:

addon domain
On doing so, you will be presented with a screen, similar to below and you will be needed to enter all the details of your new account.

Enter all the details including domain name, username and password and add the domain.

 details addon domain

Let me explain all the fields first:

  • New Domain Name will be the name of your site.
  • Subdomain or FTP Username will be your username of your choice.
  • Document Root is important. Enter the “/public_html/“ This way a new directory will be created inside Public_html directory
  • Choose a strong password for your website and keep it safe.

Now hit Add domain button and your site will be created under the public_html directory as your website name. Here you can install your wordpress or any other CMS of your choice. It would just be a matter of few clicks.

2. How to change Nameserver

Now you have to point your new domain to the new hosting server. Changing Nameserver is not a daunting task. I use Siteground Hosting Server.

For this you have to login to your Siteground Hosting Server Cpanel and there in the upper left corner you will find a box similar to the one below. This will be your nameserver.


Siteground also mails you these details in a welcome email sent to you. Here you can find your Hosting details and your nameserver too. Just copy this Nameserver details.

Now you need to login to your Domain Registrar Account. In my case, I use GoDaddy as my domain registrar.

Click on the manage button on your Domain Control Panel and it will take you to a new screen like this.

point nameserver

Click again on Manage button and a new screen will come up again.

change name server

Now, enter your nameserver address here. There will be 2 addresses, one with NS1 and the other with NS2. Enter both of them in their separate boxes and hit save when finished.

Once you updated your Nameserver, It generally takes some time to propagate the same. It takes 5 min or to the maximum 24 hrs depending on the circumstances.

You can use this link to choose Siteground as your Hosting Service Provider.

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