19 Tips for Choosing A Right Domain Name

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Are you going to book your domain name? If yes then have you decided upon what should be your domain name? Actually choosing a right domain name is a very important aspect of website development.

Choosing the right name for your domain is not easy. You have to carefully inspect every elements of site choosing criteria. It increase your chances of getting online success. Getting a perfect domain name of choice is also very difficult.

These elements will help you choose the best domain name:

  1. Select Your Niche

Most important step in choosing the domain name is selecting the right niche you are interested about or your product demands. Select the name, which closely suggest your brand or niche. It helps in recognition of your product or niche.

  1. Research It

Before deciding the domain name you must research about its relativeness to your brand. It helps in determining all the alternatives of our brand name.

  1. Personality Name

You can also choose domain name based upon personal name. If you are using your name as domain name then it establishes your brand too. Some websites like neilpatel.com or syedbalkhi.com are the perfect examples.

  1. Creative

Sometimes our creativeness also helps us choosing good domain name. I love the domain name of Ramsay Blogtyrant. This is an example of wise domain name. It clearly defines the niche and purpose of name. Play with some suffix or prefix like progolfer, golferworld, golferera etc. You can also use synonyms.

  1. Target Your Area

One more factor can be the name of your city or nearby. Like hotelsincalifornia.com, colaradodentists.com etc. It clearly suggests the local branding of your website. It gives a clear understanding of your city.

  1. Brainstorm Top Keywords

Now you can brainstorm some keywords as per your niche or brand. This sorting will help you in evaluating various options available to choose. You can use Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai for this research.

  1. Check for availability

Now you can check for the availability of domain name. Various alternatives are available for checking availability. One which I use most is Namecheap.com and Godaddy.com

  1. Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains

One thing, which I would like to tell you, that still today choosing “COM” extension is still your best bet. Most modern day browser automatically suffix “.com” when pressing Ctrl+Enter after name. It’s a popular extension among all the class of users. The initial extension which comes to our mind is “.com”.

According to a research, .com registerd accounts for 8 times more than their nearest counterpart .net

  1. Make the Domain Unique

Try to make your domain name unique. What I mean is that never try to fool anyone by adding some letters or choosing a similar sound name domain by altering some letters. Its always better to choose a real unique name. Like choosing “blogtyrants” in place of “blogtyrant” will certainly not help you. Try choosing your very own unique domain name.

  1. Make it Easy to Type

What I learnt till now in choosing a name is that always choose and easy to choose domain name. What I mean is that choose a name which can be easily spelt.

  1. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Never use hyphen or numbers in your website, as it becomes a bit difficult to remember and at the same time it’s not good for SEO purposes also. Hyphens are most definitely, not easy to type or remember. It looks a bit clumsy too.

  1. Make it Easy to Remember

Your domain should be very easy to remember it should not be very difficult to remember. Facebook, Twitter, Google all are very easy to remember

  1. Keep the Name as Short as Possible

Keep it relevant and short to make it a very good name. It helps in remembering and typing your domain name.

  1. Protect and Build Your Brand

Beware of cybersquatting. It is a technique where competitor registers a website with different tld to steal the traffic of original domain. So always book popular extensions of your brand name also.

The Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) provides for damages from $1000 to $100000, if someone registers a website with bad faith and with a will to make a profit from brand’s reputation.

Add your brand name to it, It helps to show the world your brand. Also nobody will be able to use your brand name as their website name. If someone else books your brand name then it will be a big blow to your brand and you will not be able to do anything about it.

  1. Create anxiousness

Name should create anxiousness among the visitors about it. Searcher should be compelled to click on your link.

  1. Avoid Copyright Infringement

One thing you should never do is choosing a name which represents a popular brand or personality. Otherwise you can be booked under copyright infringement. So, never try to use another’s brand name into title to increase your traffic.

  1. Act Fast

Domains are booked very fast and everyone is trying to buy one as they are not so expensive. So book your domain fast, otherwise someone else will buy it, if it is too competitive.

  1. Availability of Social Profile Names

Now-a-days its also important to create your page on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and many more. So also check availability on these social websites.

  1. Use an Ajax Domain Selection Tool

Domjax.com offers great tool for your domain name selection process. You can research from this tool on availability of domain name.

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