How to Integrate PayUMoney With A WordPress Woocommerce Site


Payumoney provides a quick and easy payment as well as collecting Money Gateway. It can be easily integrated into your wordpress site. And in a very short time your eCommerce website will be up and receiving payments online hassle-free. PayuMoney can be used for Mobile Recharge, Online Payments. Payumoney provides various offers on recharges.

Payumoney provides an easy way to receive payment from your website. One can create a free web store instantly and get started immediately. It helps avoid upfront amount charged by some companies for providing online payment gateway.

It has following features:

  1. Go Live within Minutes with PayUmoney
  2. Zero Upfront Cost, No Hidden Charges
  3. Easy and Fast Integration
  4. No Setup cost. No hidden fees.
  5. Transaction Fee of 2% till 31 Dec

Pre-requisites for integrate your website with payumoney:

  1. Woocommerce payumoney Plugin
  2. WooCommerce Plugin
  3. Account with Payumoney

You can download wooCommerce Payumoney Plugin and WooCommerce Plugin from the link given above or you can install it directly into your website from add plugin method.

You can also Download PayUMoney integration kit from here.


After installing all required the plugins you need to go to the settings in woocommerce menu in dashboard.


Now click on Settings and you will be prompted to the new screen. Add details  as required by this plugin.

Woocommerce checkout

Now you need to go to the checkout tab as shown in above picture. Click on checkout and you will get this screen.

There will few options. Now you need to click on PayU India Link. It will take you to the payu India Tab.


You need your your Merchant Key and Merchant Salt from your PayU Money Account.

Payu money api key

You need to select PayUmoney from the Service Provider Drop down menu.

Click on this link to fetch your Merchant Key and Merchant Salt.

This key will be available ony when your account will be approved and your account go live.

For this you have to give your Bank Details and Pan Card details to them. After linking your bank Account with PayUmoney, they will deposit a small amount into your bank account and you will have to confirm that amount or UTR number to your account. After that your account will be activated. Get more details here.


After some verification calls your account will be fully functional and ready to use.


They will send you physical contract and after signing it back your account will be ready.

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