14 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Bloggers

Plagiarism Checker websites

This is the good place for you, if you are looking for plagiarism checker websites or tools!

There are so many Plagiarism Checker tool or Softwares available online. I have listed quite a few best free plagiarism checker tools, which will help you stay in right path with your articles. These tools will help you detect plagiarism, happening to your content and test it online.

In today’s context, every another person is trying to make quick money from blogging and generate means of passive income. And at the end, they get into traps of Plagiarism. They come up with a quick process of copying others material and publish them with their own name instead.

It’s simply cheating. 

We all work very hard to write our article, accumulate resources to write it and put hours of effort into our articles. This sometimes hurt, when we come across a website which exactly copies our material. This can be very bad for our website SEO wise too.

Ranging from teachers, authors, students and many more, all need these plagiarism checking tool to check our blog’s or website’s footprint.

Though, Google Crawlers are much smarter today than ever, to figure out which one is copied and which one is the original. But irrespective of this, it’s recommended to keep an eye on this.

Plagiarism exists in our society in many forms. But we are here to discuss Plagiarism in Blogging world, which is destroying the very essence of blogging.

This Plagiarism Checker or Software list will guide you on how to avoid Plagiarism or avoid using Copyrighted Content yourself:

1. Solidseotools

SolidSeoTools gives you an opportunity to search for full web page or document  or some text. It also gives you an option of checking results in yahoo, Google and other special searches. It’s a free service though.

plagiarism checker

It requires you to enter capthca though image verification every time which is a downside of this service.

When I entered an url into this. It returned a result with a score with respect to copied content. It was an in-depth report.

2. Copyscape

I don’t find any box for the text to be pasted in Copyscape, but they have provided a url box. You can paste the url of the web page you wish to check it for plagiarism.


When I checked an url, it provided a report some thing like this. Where it says that it found some issues. Now you can correct it.


3. Grammarly

Grammarly is an automated plagiarism checker as well as Grammer Checker tool. It also provide the grammer mistakes and plagiarism status.

Its s free service to some extent but for detailed analysis, you have to create your account with them and sign up for paid membership.

But it provides value for your investment.

4. SearchEngineReports

This is an extremely easy Plagiarism detector tool. It allows you three ways to achieve this:

  • Paste the text
  • Enter the URL you wish to check against copied content.
  • Upload the text file you wish.


It will present all the copied content with respect to the information you provided, by above three methods. It also returns the ranking for keywords you entered.

5. PlagiarismChecker

This website is very good for checking plagiarism for teachers, authors and students. It also comes in with a handy guide on How to use it for teachers and students.

plagiarism checker

You can use it to check a document for copied content or web page for the same reason, and it will bring the urls of the sites that copied the content in Google search. You can also use it to search with Google or Yahoo. It brings an extra advantage to this tool.

It also allows you to create Google Alert for the search phrase you used in the checker. I like it very much.

6. DupliChecker

DupliChecker is also a very useful tool in detecting copied content on any website across the world. It’s free and you don’t need to register to use the search tool for this website.

It also provides some useful information on how to avoid plagiarism and other tips to save you from plagiarism.

dupli checker

But it came with a disadvantage of checking a maximum of 1000 words only.

With limitation of only 1000 words, it’s become difficult to search the whole document on page against your website.

But still it’s quite a good tool to use for checking plagiarism.

7. PlagiarismCheck

This tool happens to be a very good tool and is fine online plagiarism checker. Which includes checking unlimited papers with free reports. And most importantly it’s a free service.

plagiarism check

It accepts almost all file formats and also presents fastest reports generated at a very short time. It’s very accurate also.

Just put in the words or select your file and there your plagiarism report appears.

8. ItsEducation

This is also a free tool but it has a downside that it only accepts 32 words per search. Though you can search for the whole page by checking 32 words from different sections of the website.

It’s a troublesome process. But you can use it this way to search a whole page.

9. ArticleChecker

In this free tool you can search with url of the page or your sample text. You can paste the text you wanted to check against plagiarism.

article checker

One good thing about this tool is that you don’t need to register for performing searches.

10. Dustball

Like any other plagiarism checking service it also allows you to search for copied content. But it will show very basic information on those. For more in-depth or for some pro features, you will be needed to sign up for the paid package.


But one thing for sure, it has a pretty clear interface with not overloaded content.

11. Plagium

I found plagium as a very special tool. Not only it scans web but it also scans the Social Media for copied content. This definitely is a very big advantage.

10 plagium

It scans social media and find the footprints of your content over the net as well as Social media profiles and pages. It definitely gives a very deep perspective to plagiarism.

It’s very difficult to hide from this tool. And again this is a free service. But is also limited to using 5000 words per search, which although is enough for lots of pages.

12. Plagtracker

Plagtracker is a special tool. It provides Plagiarism check for teachers, students, Publishers and Site owners.


It uses same methods as other tools are using. But it also allow API access to site owners, which is a great feature of plagtracker.

With paid and pro plans you can unlock many more features including faster results.

13. Plagiarisma

This tool is alternative to Copyscape for teachers, scholars, authors etch who wish to stop their content being copied.

Though several of its features are locked in free version. It provides a careful study of content analysis.

14. Doccop

This site is very safe as it doesn’t keep any of your data or documents in their record. You can chase your copied content easily with this copy identifier tool.

 doc cop

It has a word limit of 2000 words but you will have enter some details such as id email etc. which is cumbersome process. DocCop allows you to upload PDF’s also. Which is a great feature.

Final Verdict

It’s very difficult to tell that which one is the best plagiarism checker tool for you. All have some unique features. You have to identify the tool which is suitable for your profession.

But, if you are a blogger than you must check your website content for plagiarism regularly and doesn’t let the cheaters to go away easily. You can open DMCA account for submitting your grievances.

Authors too need to use this tool to scan for their copied material and sue the cheaters who have used them in their website or eBooks.

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