How to Start Your $1000/Month Blog Within 6 Months

How to create your own blog

Do you really want to know How to start a Blog or Website?

It’s not a very difficult task starting your own blog, provided you know you have some basic knowledge of this. You can create your free blog on or or It hardly takes half-an-hour to start your own blog.

I will request you not to go for these free blogging platform and setup your own Website on a server. You can read my post vs

How To Start Your Blog

But before starting your blog, you should take care of these following steps:

1. Choose your Niche

Before jumping into anything and create a blog, you first need to ensure that, what is the topic you want to build your blog about.

You can setup your blog on any topic. It can be anything from Weight Loss to Music Production or anything which you want.

But first of all you need to ensure that you have interest in that topic. Because, if you don’t have interest in the topic you will soon lose your focus and consequently you will not be able to produce quality content for the site.

I will recommend you to do a careful analysis of your desired topic. This includes:

  • Interest
  • Profitability
  • Competition

If you make a site or blog on a niche, that is not a profitable one, then that might not turn out to be profitable.

Choose your niche wisely.

In my post, Keyword Suggestion Tools or website, you will find some tools to find out profitable niche and keywords related to that niche.

In short, I can suggest you these tools:

2. Pick a Domain Name

The next important step in creating your blog is picking up a right domain name. Domain name is actually the address that you type into your web browser. It then takes you to the respected site. You can read Tips on choosing right domain name.

To me domain name should be selected on these points:


Your domain name should be unique and should not be a copy of someone else’s name. You can choose your own branding by choosing your name.

Try to create your own brand rather than copy someone else. That will create a bad impact in future.

Easy to spell

Your website should have a name that should be easy to spell.

Easy to remember

Never choose a name like These types of domain name are not easy to remember. It’s not a good one.

Don’t go for long Domain name

Never choose something like “”. This looks pretty bad.

Special Characters

I would rather suggest to stay away from special characters like – and any other. That creates confusion into visitor’s brain. you should not choose something like “

You can choose words like a”, “my”, “the etc. as an append or prepend word.

You can register your domain name from, or

3. Extensions

It’s pointless to say that .com” domains are the best one to go for. It’s the most popular extension available. It is a default extension for most browsers.

Though .net and .org also are very good extensions but .com is more preferable.

Nowadays .biz, .in, .co etc. and many more are available. I will recommend you to stay away from these.

4. Choosing Webhost

The next important step in setting up your website is to choose the right webhost. This the back bone of every website.

Web hosting server is a compute where all your files are kept.

I have problems in past with my web host. But now after transferring to Siteground  and InMotionHosting, i am experiencing a relaxed a mind.

Google use loading time of a website as a ranking factor in determining the user experience. You site should load fast say 1 -3 Seconds. It can damage your website rankings if it loads slowly and results in bad user experience.

There are lots of good Web Hosting Service Providers. You can go to my article “Guide To Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

I would recommend you:

  1. Siteground (My Current Server for few Websites)
  2. Inmotionhosting (My Current Server for few Websites)
  3. Bluehost
  4. HostGator

Servers are like backbone. They can make or break your website. For the last one year, I am using Inmotionhosting and Siteground, and I am pretty satisfied with the kind of quality and service they provide.

For the last one year, i experienced a relaxed mind. The server worked almost 100% uptime. Their support system is also great with Live chat. They responded quickly.

Now my website has faster loading time.

In the next topic we will see how to register and install CMS on your server.

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