WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org what to choose from?

This is most obvious that whenever a relatively new blogger makes his entry to this blogging world, he definitely would like to start with a free blogging option. Basically, we Indians are resistant to spend money online. We all have fears of any kind or another that what we will be forged or our money will be lost. So, one option which remains with us is to trying out free options.

WordPress.com is an option where you can host your site for free with them. They provide this service for free, whereas, wordpress.org is for self-hosted.


“Now the question is, which one is good and should be opted”

It’s not a rocket science to know that which one is good. Obviously, self-hosted wordpress blog is the best option.  Because it gives you full control of your website. But with authority there comes responsibility also it has some cons also. But, at the end it’s definitely better to start your Self-hosted WordPress Blog. This will be clear to you after reading the full article.

“This is good for me or not”

When I started blogging, a good 4 years back, I had no knowledge of blogging. I started it on my own instincts. What actually made me to start this journey, I really don’t remember. But it’s a great story for me. At that time, I had to make decisions at every point. And the only question I faced was whether this is good for me or not. At that time, I made a decision to start my website on self-hosted wordpress.org. Which I feel today that I took right decision then. It was actually a fluke that worked for me.

Now, come to the point…..

Pros of wordpress.com

  • The most important benefit is that your website is totally free and they offer up to 3 GB space. But beyond that they charge at $19.95 per year for 5 GB or $289.97 per year for 100 GB.
  • You don’t have to worry about plugins and all
  • You don’t need to worry about tweaking your server or blog.
  • Easy to use
  • They will take backups

Cons of wordpress.com

  • Your website will show their ads and you will have no control over them
  • You cannot use plugins unless you join their VIP Plans of $3750 per month. Are you okay…!!
  • You can’t use custom themes and will have to stick to their themes.
  • You can’t show ads or sell ads on your website unless you have more than 25000 visitors per month and you have signed with them for 50-50 partnership.
  • You will not have any control over your analytics to measure your success.
  • Your account may be terminated anytime if it violates their terms and conditions.
  • And many more…….

Now, Pros of wordpress.org

  • It’s free and super easy to use
  • You are the boss of your website and have full control over it.
  • You can install whatever plug ins you want.
  • You can install your customized themes.
  • You can have your analytics installed.
  • You are free so show any ad of your choice.
  • You can simply do whatever you want to do man..

Cons of wordpress.com

It too has some disadvantages.

  • You required to have some basic knowledge of web hosting
  • You have to tweak your hosting environment
  • Definitely there are some charges involved into this.
  • You have to choose your plug ins carefully.
  • You have to take care of its security issues.
  • You will have to take backups an all

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